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Bag Counter - Narrative

"I got two pairs of Speedo googles - only $5.99 each! - and carried them by hand to my car, saving one bag."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - TJ Maxx

"I bought one piece of clothing and refused the bag."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Marshalls

"The bag guy put 3 bananas in one bag, and strawberries in another. I reduced from 5 to 3 bags, and I put the 2 saved right back on the metal rack."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"I put two pies in one bag."
David - Daly City, CA - Nations

"I got a chicken dinner that came in a plastic container so I didn't need the bag."
Joe - Richfield, MN - Hartfields

"I had to take a bag for the charcoal but not for the case of beer so this was an easy one to save."
Joe - Minneapolis, MN - Corner Store

"I bought sunscreen and, though the checkout girl really wanted to give me a bag, I left without taking one."
David - Cozumel, Me - Supermarket

"I asked the bagboy to combine as much as he could into 2 bags. Then I carried my turkey sub out by hand, leaving 1 bag behind."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"Last week I saved 4 bags at various stores, all single item purchases. One was for a jar of PB at Publix, an easy save one."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"Bought a recycleable bag to carry my purchase"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Chevron Recreation

"Brought my cotton bag to put my 1 pc of banana, 1 can of tea & 1 bag of pork skin.. And... Get $.05 credit for using recyclable bag :)"
Mey - San Francisco, CA - Lucky

"Bought 4 small items & asked the clerk to remove them from the bag"
Mey - Richmond, CA - Target

"Bought quite a lot of stuff for the upcoming party I'm co-hosting. Just brought 2 of my reusable bags so I have to put the rest that won't fit in the shopping cart & carry them back to my car. Bags"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Safeway

"I bought 3 bags of H'ween candy - including peanut butter kisses, yum! - and sure didn't need a bag to carry them home."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Dollar Tree

"I bought 2 bags of Lay's Spicy BBQ potato chips. I sure didn't need a plastic bag to carry out the chips already contained in... plastic bags!"
David - Wilton Manors, FL

"I saved 4 bags over the last 2 days. Tonight was Cytomax at Target. There were 3 yesterday: Publix, Whole Foods and one other."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Target

"The old paper + plastic bag trick. Left the plastic bag for the next takeout order."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Kara Thai

"Didn't need a bag for the breakfast goodies I bought."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"For some reason I was given a paper bag with food inside a plastic bag! So I handed back the plastic bag and it was promptly used for the next order."
David - Davie, FL - Pollo Tropical

"The bag guy double bagged my soy milk and OJ, so I removed one bag."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"Saved 4 paper bags today by using my own bags. Trader Joe's got this raffle going on & you will get a ticket if you use your own bag. I forgot to ask what the prize was but the drawing is tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!!"
Mey - Pleasanton, CA - Trader Joe's

"Bought 2 sandwiches and a bottle of $3.99 on sale red wine. No bag!"
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Whole Foods

"Bought a couple boxes of gauzes so no need for a bag"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Custom Care Pharmacy

"Starting to get a hang of this..."
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Safeway

"Got a pump and tire- no bag needed. Straight from the store to on my bike!"
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Big Wheel Cycles

"Bought 3 packs of bandages & just put them in my purse"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Rite Aid

"If I carried it all to the counter, I can carry it to my car."
Joy - lauderhill, FL - Target

"My HD went out last week, got a new one. Was easy enough to just carry it out in the plastic packaging without need for a plastic bag."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - CompUSA

"Got a burrito, and though I had many little containers of salsa and a bag would have been handy, I also had my swim bag with me. So the burrito etc. all fit there just fine - truly a bag saved!"
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - The Whole Enchilada

"Got a free bottle with demo product. Guy reached for a big plastic bag, and I told him I didn't need it."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Max Muscle

"I was able to combine cold items with other items to save one bag. The lady who rang it up looked like she got it... I saved a bag. Nice."
Joe - Richfield, MN - Walgreens

"Bought some first aid kits & used my own bag. I finally put a basket full of recycleable & cloth bags in my car which I find really handy."
Mey - San Ramon, CA - CVS/Pharmacy

"Brought 2 of my own bag but turned out they're not enough so I bought 1 of those recyclable cancer supporting bag for the rest of my stuff"
Mey - Dublin, Ca - Safeway

"Two loaves of frozen garlic bread, and I had groceries in other shopping bags in the car, so this was an easy one to leave behind."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"Bought forks and napkins, certainly don't need a bag!"
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Target

"Bought 3 items, just carried 'em out. Had to pull them out of the bag and put it back on the bag stand. This one got re-used, unlike the last one at the dollar store."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Walgreens

"Well, I took one bag, leaving 2 that the cashier was going to use to wrap 2 glasses. Fine. But, she put the first saved bag at the bottom of the next customer's bag! Which he then carried out unknowingly. I had even said "you can use this" to the cashier, but she just didn't get it. Oh well. Net saved 1, but I sort of saved 2."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Dollar Tree

"Had spicy sausage and vegetables. Could have used a bag, but hey, I carried it all to checkout, so I could carry it to my car and home."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Publix

"Brought my own bag, was able to carry everything home in it. One plastic bag saved!"
David - San Francisco, CA - Lucky's

"Bought some clothes & a couple of housewares. Decided to do the same thing I did at Target earlier in the day.. Just put my purchases back in the sopping cart without any plastic bag... Worked like a charm!"
Mey - Danville, CA - Marshalls

"Bought burrito bowl for lunch & since the burrito comes in a bowl with lid anyway... I refused the paper bag & just carry it as is"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Chipotle

"It just down on me that I can just dump all my purchases in the shopping cart & wheeled it out to my car without any plastic or paper bag :)"
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Target

"Bought a sweater & put it in the paper bag that I got from the other store I visited"
Mey - Pleasanton, CA - New York & Company

"Used a reusable recycled bag that I just bought today.."
Mey - Pleasanton, CA - GNC

"Decided to just hand-carried my breakfast to go.. In the past, I would always pick up a paper bag just because it's a hassle to handle the fork & knife..."
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Chevron Cafeteria

"Refused the bags after realizing we can just hand-carried everything"
Mey - San Francisco, CA - Safeway

"Bought a 32 oz. drink and bag of cookies with 5 blocks to walk home. I honestly should have taken a bag, but I'm so into saving bags now that I didn't!"
David - San Francisco, CA - All Natural Grocery on Haight St.

"Bought just one tube of facial soap (4oz) & the cashier put it in a plastic bag! Told her that I'll just carry it like that & off I went... bag free..."
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Target

"I'm so good at this. I'm going to save a bag a day! Just a few items, no bag needed."
Joe - Richfield, MN - CVS

"Didn't need a bag to carry out a double cheeseburger. Heck, I didn't even need the wrapper. Saved one paper bag."
Joe - Richfield, MN - McDonald's

"Hey, I just signed up, want to say it's a great site! I always try to save bags when I go shopping. I got a stromboli a few weeks ago at this pizza place and it was already in a paper bag, so I didn't need the plastic bag, and I left it. I'm going to log every time I save a bag, and I'm motivated to keep doing it now."
Joe - Richfield, MN - American Pie Pizza

"Only had two items, one of which fit in my purse. No need for a bag."
Joy - Lauderhill, FL - Target

"The bagger at the checkout line asked me if I made my reusable bag. I replied, "I sure did! Thanks for asking." He said, "I could tell. It's very sturdy." Three bags worth of groceries in my homemade reusable bag, made from used wind sails... made me feel proud. "
Joy - Hollywood, FL - Publix

"I brought my own 2 recyclable bags, and they are big. So I think I saved 3 bags really."
Maddy - Orlando, FL - Publix

"I just stopped for soap and I didn't need a bag. I had to make sure the checkout person actually used the bag after I gave it back to her - I think she wanted to throw it away."
Maddy - Orlando, FL - Walmart

"Was able to reduce 4 bags to 3 bags by putting cold items in another bag."
Chris - Dallas, TX - Aldi

"Bought a big pack of tissues (10 boxes) & told the cashier that I'll just carry it as it is without plastic bag."
Mey - San Ramon, CA - Target

"Bought a bunch of groceries, used my own cloth bag. Even got a 5c credit - use code 5004 at checkout at Lucky's to get the bag credit."
David - San Francisco, CA - Lucky's

"I had some salad to take out, and instead of a plastic bag, I got a very small paper bag. I could have taken no bag, but I really needed this one - so it goes!"
David - San Francisco, CA - Millenium

"I took out an order - when the lady at the counter started to put it in a plastic bag, I told her I'd carry it out as is."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Jack's BBQ

"Bought a couple of tops & a pair of shoes. The shoes was put in different bag so I asked for it to be combined with the tops instead. "
Mey - Danville, CA - Marshalls

"Bought a juice drink, no bag needed. What really impressed me was, the guy behind me was buying a few shaving items and told the cashier he didn't want a bag. I talked to him on the way out of the store, and he told me he often turns down bags. I told him I was starting a web site about saving plastic bags one at a time, and he was very interested."
David - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Target


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