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"One Less Bag" - That's our motto on Bag Counter. We encourage people to make a difference to the environment by using one less bag at a time, plastic or paper alike, and using less in general. Why? For most of us, recycling has been a way of life now, and we have been doing really well indeed. But recycling only addresses items that have already become trash. So we thought, why not prevent ourselves from creating waste in the first place? After all, waste that is never created does not have to be managed later on. And using less or reusing instead of recycling is a key element of waste prevention, as it reduces and delays the entry of items into the solid waste stream.

So join in the fun - keep track of how many bags you can save. It's easy to get started - sign up for free by choosing your login name and password, and then you can contribute to the running count of the bags we've saved.

I find often when I'm shopping that I am buying just a few items, and the cashier will put my purchase in a plastic bag. But just as sure I carried those items by hand to the register, I can carry them to my car and to my home. So I've been in the habit for quite a while to refuse a single plastic bag when I'm shopping and have so few items. I dreamt of this site, Bag Counter, so that I could keep track of how often I leave a plastic bag at the store. And I thought it'd great if other people who feel the same way about helping to save our environment one bag at a time could keep track of how many plastic bags they've not used.
David Alyea
Founder, Bag Counter
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Each one of us can make a difference no matter how small. Remember, to reduce! and then recycle. Let us use one less bag at a time.
Mey Febriana
Co-Founder, Bag Counter
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